Change Your Mindset


If you are starting a business or a startup. You should not start on finding the great idea or niche. I believe you should start work on yourself first. One of my realization this year is the importance of mindset. Before, hearing about mastering mindset does not sound appealing to me. I thought it was just about thinking positive or facing your fears and worries. But it’s really more than that.

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How To Start A Blog In 5 Minutes


I can’t remember how many times I installed wordpress in all my websites. Some people are afraid on the technical side of things. Believe me, it’s not complicated and it’s very easy. Even it’s your first time to encounter buying domains and hosting, no problem I’m here for you. I will make this guide super easy and simple. So forget about your fear on the complicated and technical stuff.

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Why I Started Blogging


This is not an instant decision. Actually blogging was my very first exposure to making money online. I remember it was 10 years ago, I came across to a blog of a young boy with same age  I was that time. What is shocking was, in a young age, he was already making $10,000+ through google adsense.

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